• Behavior/Discipline

    It is important that our leading adults are able to maintain order and discipline throughout the After School Program. Of utmost concern is ensuring safety and a positive environment conducive for learning and developing skills.

    A child’s behavior is expected to be consistent with the following Behavior Standards:

    • Appropriate language use at all times
    • Cooperate with staff and follow directions (including compliance with masking requirements and snack times).
    • Respect for all, equipment, and facilities
    • Maintain a positive attitude.
    • Keeps hands, feet, and other objects to yourself.
    • Stay in designated areas.

    Discipline Policy

    If a child fails to comply with the Behavior Standards:

    Incident or Infraction: Physical, Aggressive, or Violent Behavior
    Disciplinary Consequence: Immediate suspension or expulsion from the After School Program

    Incident or Infraction: Violation of Behavior Standard(s)
    1st Offense Warning to parents (via phone call/letter)
    2nd Offense Suspension for 1 week from all After School Program activities
    3rd Offense Expulsion from the After School Program for the rest of the grading period.