• Enrichment

    The second branch of the After School program is Enrichment. Enrichment opportunities after school will be offered depending upon:

    1. Students’ Interest
    2. Adult Leaders’  Interest

    A survey will be conducted at least twice a year to gather input from both students and faculty/staff to determine what common interests exist.

    Interested faculty/staff will submit a proposal to Mr. Delles. Information included in the proposal will be:

    • Intended age group/grade level
    • Description of activity
    • Equipment/space needed
    • Timeframe of enrichment activity

    Depending on faculty member’s availability, enrichment activities could run for as little as an hour for a day to a couple of hours for several weeks.

    Examples of the types of activities that will be offered are:

    • Board/card games
    • Baking
    • Arts & Crafts
    • Community service projects
    • Building with Legos
    • General athletics/fitness/sports