• Academic Support

    The first branch of the After School Program is Academic Support. Academic Support is a program offered each day from 3-6PM under the guidance of a certified teacher.

    Academic Support isn’t meant to be punitive in nature. Rather, it’s a program offered to provide additional help to students who need it in a particular content area or project/assignment. This is not to be considered strictly a 1:1 tutoring time, but if a student is coming in for help, it is their responsibility to seek out the help they require. Adults are available and eager to assist, but only when asked.

    Students are urged to use our program on a consistent basis or simply as a drop-in option. Whichever works best for them.

    While the teacher is available to assist students on a particular subject, assignment, or activity, students can also choose to use this time independently. Know that the teacher will likely check-in from time to time just to make sure students aren’t struggling.