• Enrichment opportunities after school will be offered depending upon student and adult leader interest.

  • Interested faculty/staff will submit a proposal to Ms. Sick. Information included in the proposal will be:

    • Intended age group/grade level
    • Description of activity
    • Equipment/space needed
    • Timeframe of enrichment activity

    Depending on faculty member’s availability, enrichment activities could run for as little as 40 minutes a day to an hour and a half for several weeks.

    Examples of the types of activities that will be offered are:

    • Board/card games
    • Baking
    • Arts & Crafts
    • Community service projects
    • Building with Legos
    • General athletics/fitness/sports

    Parents of students in grades PreK through 5th who are interested in participating in various enrichment activities must sign their child up using this Google Form (CLICK HERE). Students in grades 6-12 must also sign up for the enrichment activities using the same Google Form, but may do so on their own behalf.

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