• Curriculum Tools & Resources

    Second Grade Writing

    Unit 1: Lessons from the Masters: Improving Narrative Writing
    Unit 2: Lab Reports and Science Books
    Unit 3: Writing About Reading
    Unit 4: Poetry: Big Thoughts in Small Packages

    Second Grade Math

    Unit 1: Sums and Differences to 20
    Unit 2: Addition and Subtraction of Length Units
    Unit 3: Place Value, Counting, and Comparison of Numbers to 1000
    Unit 4:Addition and Subtraction within 200 with Word Problems to 100
    Unit 5: Addison and Subtraction within 100 with Word Problems to 100
    Unit 6: Foundations of Multiplication and Division
    Unit 7: Problem Solving with Length, Monday, and Data
    Unit 8: Time, Shapes, and Fractions as Equal Parts of Shapes

    Second Grade Science

    • Solids and Liquids
    • Pebbles, Sand, and Silt
    • Insects and Plants

    Second Grade Social Studies

    • My Community and Other Communities