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    Exploring Careers:

    What would you like to do with your future? Have you thought about the career paths that might interest you? Find out what types of careers are related to your interests and abilities. Click here to begin with your Career One Stop Interest Assessment

    Career One Stop and the other sites listed below can help you explore career options that interest you and learn about the skills and education required, possible salaries, job outlook and more. Further resources and opportunities for exploration can be provided by your School Counselor, Mrs. Heidi Burns or Career Development Representative, Ms. Alisa Wright.

    Job Shadowing for exploration:

    A job shadow will allow you to spend time with an adult in the career that you are interested in at their worksite. You can learn about the job responsibilities, the format of a typical day, the salary range, and the work environment. Shadowing offers the opportunity to really get a feel for the job you’re interested in and find out, firsthand, if it might be right for you. We greatly encourage you take advantage of this type of special opportunity!

    *Transportation is the responsibility of the student.

    How do I arrange a shadowing opportunity?

    • Students can request a shadow by clicking here and completing a form, finding a request form in the Guidance office or emailing their Career Development Representative at awright1@gstboces.org to request a meeting. 
    • Once your request is received, Career Development will talk with you to determine your specific interest, travel abilities and availability before setting up a shadowing experience. 
    • When an opportunity has been arranged, you will again meet with Career Development to discuss the schedule, the format of the shadow and student expectations. You will also be given a permission slip that must be returned to the office before you may be excused to attend your shadow and an evaluation that must be completed and returned following your experience.

    Attending a Career Panel:

    Career panels are informational meetings arranged around a specific career field. A panel discussion conducted by the professionals in a certain field is followed by time for student Q & A. These types of career exploration opportunities provide students the benefit of career awareness in a particular field. For example, a Healthcare career panel may be attended by surgeons, ER nurses, pediatric doctors and radiologists. The knowledge brought to career panels by the professionals is often very broad and can help a student narrow down their interests in a career field. 

    Panel topics may change from year to year, but usually include: Law Enforcement, Healthcare, Engineering and Psychology and Social Work to name a few. Watch for flyers and announcements about these opportunities and sign up in the Guidance office! Distance learning is often an option.

     Stay connected and find out about upcoming panels and events on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/BOCESCDC/


    Career Research Websites:

    Career One Stop



    Bureau of Labor Statistics



    Career Profiles