• Blueprint for Excellence

    Strategic Plan 2024-2027

  • Dear Members of the Avoca School Community,

    We are excited to announce the launch of our next strategic planning process, a pivotal initiative that will again shape the future of our district. As we begin this journey, we want to emphasize the importance of your involvement in this endeavor.

    The updated Blueprint for Excellence will aim to create a new road map that not only reflects the aspects of our school that are already working well but also addresses areas in which we can make improvements. We are committed to considering your perspectives and opinions on the direction we should take.

    We genuinely value your input in making our updated Strategic Plan the best it can be. We encourage you to share your insights on what we are excelling at and where there's room for growth. Additionally, we are eager to hear your thoughts on what we should prioritize for the future.

    To participate and share your valuable feedback, please click this link.

    The survey platform allows you to contribute your thoughts anonymously, and you can also view and rate the feedback provided by other community members. We encourage an open and ongoing dialogue, so feel free to revisit the platform often and keep the conversation alive.

    Your feedback will be instrumental in guiding our future plans, so we urge you to make your voice heard. The survey will remain accessible until 5/10.

    Thank you for your engagement and support as we work together to shape the future of the Avoca CSD.


    Stephen Saxton
    Superintendent of Schools

    Blueprint Planning is intended to:

    • Involve all members of the school community and reflect their shared perspectives.
    • Allow stakeholder representatives to review community feedback in order to clearly define the district’s mission, vision and core values.
    • Engage a team in defining the priorities of the district and suggesting action steps to accomplish objectives.
    • Facilitate action planning focused on identifying who, when and how the work will get done.
    • Provide the district with a road map that is transparent, accountable and focused.
      Enable the district’s efforts to innovate, allocate resources and continuously grow in a coordinated, thoughtful and aligned manner.
      Be an iterative, evolving and ongoing process that builds from one year to the next while reflecting emerging needs and changing demands.

    Steps in the Avoca Planning Process:
    April - May 10, 2024: Community feedback gathered.

    July 2024: Feedback reviewed by the Board of Education and Leadership Team draft mission/vision/core values drafted

    January 2025: Community team assembled mission/vision/core values reviewed. Priority Areas Developed. Strategies suggested.

    May 2025: Leadership Team Action Planning

    Action plans were developed that specifically identified what will be done to meet the objectives of each priority area and who will be responsible for leading the work.

    August 2025: Revision, Adaptation, Communication

    Revision and review completed by the Leadership Team
    Board of Education Adoption
    Communication to the community and implementation of the plan with stakeholders.

    Summer 2025: Revisions and review completed by the Leadership Team Action Steps and Goals Completed

    September 2025: Presentation to the Board of Education

  • Successful organizations clearly define their purpose, what they need to become in order to fulfill their purpose and how they operate or behave. These are commonly known as their mission, their vision and their core values.

    Through the Blueprint Planning Process, the Avoca CSD school community has defined why they exist, what happens in the organization when they are working towards the mission and what behaviors should be evident from individuals and the organization as a whole.

    The purpose of the Avoca CSD is to provide a safe, nurturing, and welcoming environment that challenges students with an exceptional education. We will prepare students to be life-long critical, independent thinkers in the career, college or military experience of their choosing. 

    The Avoca CSD will strive to be a model school whose students develop a clear plan to pursue their individual interests with a focus on making a positive impact as citizens and whose stakeholders are included, engaged and working together.

    Core Values:
    WE believe that we can achieve our vision and accomplish our mission if, in all of our work, we will strive to:

    1. Foster the development of well-rounded students.
    2. Offer high quality experiences for all students from all backgrounds.
    3. Focus on inclusivity and innovation in all of our programming.
    4. Strive to be a community that people choose and a school that children are excited to attend.
    5. Work together as a team that encourages everyone to participate.
    6. Be responsive to community values and available resources while providing programs that meet the needs of every child and a workplace that supports all staff members.

    Priority Areas
    Based on community feedback and initial planning by the Board of Education and Leadership Team, the following areas were identified as priorities to be focused on in order to fulfill the mission of the district:

    Well-Rounded Students
    Avoca CSD will develop and provide a variety of programming based on different interests while focusing on life planning for post graduate success.

    Connections and Collaboration
    Avoca CSD will focus on the development of connections and collaborative relationships between students, staff, families and the community.

    Planning and Operations
    Avoca CSD departments will regularly create, maintain, and share a list of short, mid and long-term goals and concerns for their department.

    Avoca CSD will consider programming to meet the needs of all students from all backgrounds and utilize inclusivity and a lense in the planning process. 

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