• Messages from Friends and Family

    Brady Brandow

    We wish you all the best as you continue your education at SUNY Cortland! We are proud of all that you have accomplished so far! Continue to "be you" and have fun as you take the next steps in life! We love you!
    - Julie and Jeff

    Congratulations B! You’ve worked hard and we are so proud of you. Beyond celebrating your many achievements, we are proud of your character as a kind and compassionate young man. We love you and are excited to see you continue to grow at Cortland!
    - Aunt Amy

    We know the last few months of your senior year didn’t go as planned and you missed out on a lot of experiences…not getting to finish your run for the State Championship, playing your last season of baseball, going to prom or your senior trip and all of the other fun things planned. It has certainly created a sense of loss for so many, but one thing for sure with you is that you showed up during all your years of school and the last few months will not define your journey. Whether watching you on the basketball court, soccer field or the baseball diamond, you always gave it your all and we knew we’d get your best and were a constant for any team no matter what was thrown at you. Your leadership, character, hard work, integrity, passion, sports IQ, positive attitude and willingness to learn and fail, made others around you better human beings, students, teammates and coaches. Your well rounded experiences throughout school as a student athlete or participating in band, chorus, theater and other extracurricular activities have positioned you well as you move into adulthood and continue your next chapter at Cortland. You have lots of playing time left with so much to learn and share with others and we know that you will do just that! As you move forward, stay curious, live from the inside out and always move through the world with confidence and stay true and loyal to yourself. Thanks for all of the fun memories and experiences buddy—we couldn’t be more proud of you and love you lots. Congrats B!
    - Aunt Wendy

    Angelo Ferrara

    Congratulations baby! You've worked so hard for this and I am so proud of you! You're doing so amazing! I love you so much baby! Happy Graduation
    - Jaydyn Oney

    Peter Forté

    My son your dad is so proud of you. You never gave up .You must keep that positivety in life to.Must give 100% in what ever you desire to do in life.Remember DAD loves you. Congratulations to you! To the whole AVOCA school members who helped my son Peter J. Forte hats off to all of you and THANK YOU! FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS THE WHOLE FORTE FAMILY. You both did it!
    - Dad

    I am so proud that you have finished high school. You didn't give up or quit. You kept going even though it was extremely hard. Now the second part of your life can begin. You will do great things and hopefully find extreme happiness. I love you,
    - Mom

    I'm very proud of you and I'm happy to call you my brother, this isn't the end it's just the beginning and it's a long road. I'll always be here for you.
    - James

    - Chuck & Ashlie

    Great job completing school bro! Keep up the work, stay out of trouble and stay safe!
    - Matthew Dennis

    Hunter Gurnsey

    I can't believe your graduating brother. On to the next parts of your life. Love you bro.
    - Cadance Ridley

    DeJay Hammond

    You are my son and I will always be your mom, but now that you’re grown, I also get to be your friend. No matter how far the Navy takes you, you will always have a place to come home to. I will always be here for you...today, tomorrow and forever! I couldn’t be more proud of the man that you have become, I love you DeJay, with all of my heart and soul!
    - Wendi Hammond

    Riley Harrell

    Riley, we are so proud of you! You are an amazing son and an even more amazing brother. We are so proud of the young man you are growing into and we know you are going to do great things. Congratulations on your graduation, now onto the next chapter at Alfred State! We love you!
    - Mom, Dad, Jenna, Ellie and Elise

    Congratulations Ry! Good luck with all your future goals! Love you ❤️
    - Aunt Tracy

    Congratulations Riley! So proud Of you, good luck with your future! Wish you all the best! Love, Poppy
    - Roger Harrell (Poppy)

    So proud of you Ri! Congratulations!
    - Aunt Erin

    As you start this new chapter in your life remember to trust and believe in yourself and always be humble and kind.
    - Grandma and Grandpa

    Danielle Klem

    Congratulations Danielle! We are so proud of you and look forward to seeing where life takes you in this next stage of your journey!
    - Mom, Dad and Nicholas

    Seth Lathrop

    I am so proud of you for completing this phase in your life and moving on to the next phase of your future. Congrats and I love you.
    - Laura Lathrop

    Faith Loucks

    Congrats We love you. Love,
    - Mom Dad and Grandma

    Seth Meade

    Seth, we are so proud of who you are becoming and are so excited to see what God has in store for your future. (If this year is any indication, your life will definitely NOT be boring!!) We are truly sorry that your graduation looks so different, but whether you walk across a stage with everyone there or only on a screen, you have still accomplished much! We love that you pursue your dreams and work hard to achieve them! You are our favorite ACS senior! We love you! Congratulations!
    - Mom and Dad

    Caleb Polmanteer

    Congratulations, Caleb! Best of luck at Fisher!! We are proud of you!
    - Julie and Jeff

    Congratulations Caleb. We are so happy to share in the excitement of your graduation. You have made your Aunties so proud in all of your achievements and in being true to who you are. We look forward to watching you start your next chapter at St. John Fisher and to pursue your dreams. We love you!
    - Aunt Amy

    We know these last few months left a lot of disappointment, sadness and loss of experiences for you and your classmates. We were looking forward to watching you tear it up on the diamond going for a 3-peat Championship, dressing up in a tux for prom and hearing about your senior trip. It didn’t go as any of us planned but know that we are grateful for all of the joy you’ve brought over the years watching you play soccer, baseball, wrestle and sing in your concerts and celebrating your academic achievements. You had so many big moments and games that will always bring a smile to all of us as we reflect back with so much pride. Your competitive drive, hard work, passion, athleticism, willingness to learn, commitment, and sports IQ have served you and your teammates well over the years and all of those qualities will continue to support you through your next journey at St. John Fisher. Always trust your inner voice and stay strong in what you feel and know and have fun along the way. We are so proud of you and love you lots buddy! Congrats Caleb!
    - Aunt Wendy

    Olivia Pratt

    We are incredibly proud of you and love you so much! XOXO
    - Mom & Dad

    Liv, I hope you do well after you graduate. I will cheer for you no matter what. Just keep on Cheering!
    - Cenna Skinkle-Storm

    Jordan Slayton

    So proud of you Jordan, love
    -  Mom and Dad. 😊

    Congratulations Jordan! Very proud of you!!
    - Anthony Matacale

    Congratulations, Jordan!! Hope you had a great senior year! We are so proud of you and know that you have a bright future ahead!!
    - Tina Choe

    Congratulations Jordan! I am so proud of you!
    - Grandma Matacale

    Tristian Stark

    I am super duper proud of you T. You have faced your fair share of obstacles, however you did not let them hold you back. I have been with you since day 1 and will continue to have your back for the rest. love ya kid- B
    - Brandace Hopkins

    I love you so much and I know your gonna do great. You have a bright and wonderful future ahead of you. If you ever need anything I’m here, your family, I’ve got your back through thick and thin no matter what.
    - Jazmyn Judkins

    Delaney Stowe

    I have always been proud of you but to see you go through this entire year with a smile on your face made me that more proud. You achieved what no one else did during your soccer season by going to State Finals, and ended the year with the unthinkable of a pandemic. You continued to see the bright side of things by appreciating the extra time at home before going off to college next year. As much as I will miss you, I am so excited to have you go onto this next journey. Pitt Brad is lucky to be getting you. I love you Delaney and always remember I AM your biggest fan!
    - Mom

    Devin Stowe

    You have always been this boy with a heart of gold...always thinking of others before yourself. Throughout your high school years, you have so much to be proud of. Winning sectionals in a sport is always a special moment, but you won four times! I only wish you had been given that last chance at States in basketball. You are very gifted Devin, usually settling for the assist instead of the score yourself. I love the unselfishness you display in sports and also in life. You will do great things, I just know it. I am excited for you to enter this next chapter of life and be a Pitt Brad Panther. I love you Devin and am so proud to have you as my son. Remember that I will always be your biggest fan!
    - Mom

    Nathaniel Wasserman

    I am so proud of the man you have become. Skies the limit. And I know you will do great things in your life. I love you.
    - Dad

    As you go out into the world as a young man remember that there are so many people that love and support you. My greatest hope in this lifetime is that you become a good and honest man. You are well on your way to such a wonderful life! I am so very proud of you and look forward to all things you will achieve in your life. I love you so very much! Love,
    - Mom

    I'm so absolutely proud of you Thaniel. I swear it was just yesterday dad was telling me about your tee ball game that you won and Alex was still the taller one of you two. Now you're going to be going to college and you're taller than me. You'll always be my munchkin though. I know you're going to do amazing things and I'll still be there rooting you on. I love you Thaniel and Congratulations Class of 2020.
    - Gloria Hammond

    Ivy Wilmoth

    Thank you for being the best base in cheer I could have never done it without you so I just wanted to say thanks for being the absolute best best friend in the world I'm going to miss you. Love, 
    - Maisy Cook