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Health Information

School Health Office 

School Nurse
Heather Hammond
(607) 566-3000 extension 4


The student's health is primarily the responsibility of the parents. If medical care is necessary, every effort should be made to obtain this at times other than during school hours. Minor first aid is administered at the nurse's office. If more treatment is necessary, including hospital care, the student's parent or legal guardian is contacted. For legal reasons, the hospitals require the signature of a parent or guardian for any (except lifesaving) treatment. Students should report to their class, and request a pass to the Health Office. Properly authorized, the student then becomes the responsibility of the nurse. The nurse will notify the teacher if the pupil was retained in the Health Office. Otherwise, the student will return with a signed pass. Only the school nurse or principal is authorized to release students from school during the day due to student illness.


All pupils are covered by the Pupil Benefits Accident Insurance Plan. This policy is “secondary” coverage while the family’s insurance plan is the “primary” coverage. This means your policy will pay first, and then the school policy will be used to cover as much of the remaining expenses as the policy will allow.



All accidents must be reported at the time they occur to the teacher or coach in charge. Record of such accidents, no matter how minor, must be filed in the nurse’s office.



The school nurse will make every effort to inform the parents of any accident or illness occurring at school that may need care or observation at home. No student will be sent home unless a responsible adult is there to receive him/her.



When it is necessary for a child to have medication in thecourse of a school day, the following regulations governing the administration of medication in schools, according to New York State Education Department Guidelines, must be followed:


  • All medication (including non-prescription drugs) must be accompanied with a written physician’s order and submitted to the school nurse. A parent/guardian must also sign a note requesting that the medication be given in school as per the medical doctor’s order.
  • The parents must assume the responsibility to have the medication delivered to the nurse’s office, in the original, properly labeled container. Student should not carry the medication from home to school. If this creates a problem, please call the school nurse so that other arrangements can be made.
  • No change in dosage or frequency can be made without a written physician’s order.
  • A new order for any medication is required for each school year.
  • Inhalers are the only medications which students are allowed to carry. Written physicians order must state that the student is responsible and knowledgeable to do so.

The intent of these regulations is to ensure the safe administration of medication for those who require it.



Physicals and mandated health appraisals are required for children entering Kindergarten and in grades 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11; any new entrant in our district; students applying for working papers or students requiring physicals for an athletic team. Physical appraisals may be done by the family physician.