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Attendance Information


Educational research suggests that regular attendance is one of the strongest contributers to students' success in school. Attendance records become a part of the child’s permanent record and the information may be available to future employers and institutions of higher learning. We at Avoca CSD firmly believe that students must be in daily attendance to derive maximum benefit from their educational programs. 
To ensure that student attendance is accurate, we ask that parents assist us with this important matter by doing the following:

  1. Call the high school office at 566-2221, ext. 1125 the morning that your child is absent.  Notify the secretary that your child will be absent from school and the reason for that absence.
  2. Provide your child with a written excuse upon returning to school.  Even if you called the morning of the absence, this written note is still necessary for record keeping purposes. This note should identify the name/grade of the child, and the reason for their absence. \

Additionally, we utilize the Global Connect automated calling system to notify parents when their child is absent from school.  This ensures that you are aware whenever your child is not in attendance.  Furthermore, we are using our attendance program to generate letters notifying parents when their child has missed an excessive number of class periods.  As with the automated phone calls, our intent is to increase the consistency and frequency of communication between the school and the home. 
NYS Education Law requires that all children in proper physical and mental condition shall attend school while it is in session.  A student will be noted as being “excused absent” for the following reasons only:

  1. Sickness
  2. Sickness or death in family
  3. Impassable roads or weather
  4. Religious observance
  5. Quarantine
  6. Required court appearance
  7. Attendance at health clinics
  8. Approved college visit
  9. Approved cooperative work program
  10. Military obligation

Any absence due to reasons other than listed above is unexcused, even when accompanied by a parent note.  Students exceeding 9 unexcused absences in a semester course/alternate day class or 18 unexcused absences in a full year course may not receive credit for the course. 


Tardy to School

Students must bring a written excuse anytime they are late to school.  If students arrive late to school, they must obtain a pass from the appropriate office and immediately report to class.  Students who are chronically tardy will be subject to disciplinary consequences. Tardy arrival to school will count against a student’s perfect attendance record.

The definition of being tardy to class is the failure to be in the classroom by the sound of the bell (without a signed pass).  Teachers will keep accurate records regarding student attendance and tardiness.  Upon a student’s third tardy, detention will be assigned.  Subsequent tardy arrivals will result in further consequences. Students who are late to class because of being detained by a teacher, should be given a pass by the teacher so the student will not be penalized.


The following are examples of unexcused for tardiness or absence:

  1. Oversleeping
  2. Late ride
  3. Missed the school bus
  4. A note which states, “Please excuse _____ for being late” With no legal explanation
  5. Traffic delay

Within two school days of returning to school, the student must present a written excuse from home.  As required by law, the excuse must have the reason why the student was absent and it needs to be signed and dated by a parent.  Such excuse must be presented to the office.  Students who forge an excuse, either to cover for an absence or to leave school early, for oneself or another, will be disciplined accordingly. Upon returning to school and/or class, it is the student’s responsibility to meet with the teachers to determine what make-up work is to be completed. 


A student is considered to be truant if he/she does not attend school, yet his/her parents expect that the student will be in school.  This applies also if students leave school property during the school day without a proper excuse signed by their parents and the appropriate school authority. 


Occasional Dismissal

There are occasions when a student must be excused during the day for a medical appointment, driver’s test, etc. Students must have written permission from home and must submit it at the start of the school day to the main office. In an emergency, a phone call from a parent/guardian will be accepted but must be followed with a written note the next day. Upon leaving, students are to sign-out at the Main Office indicating when they are leaving, and/or returning after being excused for part of the day. School personnel cannot allow a student to leave the building without parent permission. These rules apply to the complete student schedule. In order to keep absences to a minimum, please arrange appointments to be scheduled outside of school hours wherever possible.