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Avoca voters approve $14 million budget, elect one board member

On May 17, Avoca Central School District residents approved the district’s $14 million budget proposal and elected one board of education member.

Voters approved:

  • A $14,124,734 budget for the 2022-23 school year that increases spending by $134,502 (0.96%) from the current year and carries a 0.0% tax levy increase: 257 yes; 60 no;
  • Authorization to purchase four school vehicles at a maximum cost of $365,000. Anticipated purchases include three full-size school buses and a separate passenger vehicle: 249 yes; 66 no;
  • Authorized the creation of a Capital Reserve Fund that would not exceed 10 years and would not be greater than $2,000,000: 249 yes; 61 no;
  • The election of Donald Rodbourn to the Avoca Board of Education. He will begin his term on July 1. 

The spending plan continues all current student programs and services. For the 2022-23 school year, the district will undertake a capital outlay exception project for general maintenance needs, including the replacement of the deteriorating floor in the auditorium lobby and the remediation of the underlying issues. 

“I would like to thank the voters for their ongoing support of our school district. The community’s support reflects positively on the tremendous work our staff does on behalf of the students we serve. We are proud of the many wonderful opportunities that we are able to provide for our students,” says superintendent Stephen Saxton.  

Learn more about the 2022-23 school budget here.