Welcome to Mrs. Beers' Classroom!

    Our Mascot:  Gopher the Goal!
           TEACHER: Mrs. Beers
           CLASS: K and 1st Grade Reading Teacher
           PHONE: 607-566-3000 ext. 1104 

           About theTeacher:  I have been a teacher in the Avoca Central School District for 30 years.
           I have worked with students in grades K-7 during those years, but this year am working with
           K and 1 exclusively. I absolutely love teaching reading and consider it one of my
           greatest joys to help a student become more successful as a reader!
    Mission For The Class: To make learning to read exciting!
    Goal: My pedagogy is to differentiate instruction for all learners.  Many of the activities I choose for my students incorporate movement for the bodily-kinesthetic learners; music and rhyme for the auditory learners; organizing manipulatives for the tactile learners; pictures for the visual-spatial learners; and opportunities to interact for the interpersonal learners.  No matter what the modality, learning is sustained for all students, who understand their goals for learning and actively reflect on them.
    In The Classroom:  Therefore, the students in my class will be introduced to the goals expected of them each week and actively take part in responding to how they feel about their learning.  We will be Going For The Goal this year as Gopher Goal Getters!!!!!!!  
    Brain Research:  Current brain research shows that talking; thinking; reflecting; using movement, novelty and humor; and making connections encourage learning (Sprenger 2002).  Retention is more likely to occur when there is a positive emotion connected to it.  Therefore, I feel free to ham it up when an activity calls for it because it helps my students get more use out of it.  A child who understands what he is supposed to learn will have a greater chance of achieving. 
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