Test Kits

  • Covid testing kits continue to be available for families through a request at this link


    Governor Kathy Hochul identified a statewide goal of having as many COVID-19 test kits sent home when school dismisses for mid-winter recess on February 18.  To accomplish this, the state has provided enough testing kits to test every family. 

    We also want it to be clear that there is no requirement for families to test their children with these test kits, but the State is encouraging families to do so.

    To ensure that these test kits are delivered safely to all families through delivery in your child's backpack or by you picking them up at the school, we ask that you complete this survey. If you don't have the capability to complete the online survey you may call 607-566-3000 to request a test kit or if you have any questions.  We will not send test kits home unless they are requested.

    Stephen Saxton, Superintendent

    If you administer a home over-the-counter COVID test and test positive, please self-report your positive results on the Steuben County Department of Health website reporting form at this link.