• Habitats

    Posted by Elizabeth Wood on 11/18/2013 2:15:00 PM

    Animals live in different habitats. We watched a little movie/song about habitats. 

    We learned symmetry in math today too. It's when both sides of a shape/object are the same if we draw a line on it.

    See you later! 

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  • Hello!

    Posted by Elizabeth Wood on 11/13/2013 2:15:00 PM
    Sorry it's been a few days since we last wrote. We have been busy learning and enjoying our long weekend!
    In math we practiced our shapes. Today we also learned about animal habitats. We learned about the Ocean and Tropical Rainforest. There are 5 major oceans and the tropical rainforest has some cool looking animals :)
    See you next time!
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  • Happy Birthday!

    Posted by Elizabeth Wood on 11/4/2013 2:10:00 PM

    Today we celebrated our friend Daniel's birthday. He brought in cupcakes to share with us!

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  • October 30, 2013

    Posted by Elizabeth Wood on 10/30/2013 2:00:00 PM

    Today we had fun on the playground at Recess. The 2nd graders  subtracted 3-digit numbers with regrouping. The kindergarteners worked on shapes. We also finished our door decorating for Red Ribbon Week. We put an iPod on our door with music notes and pictures of us. It says, "iTune Out Drugs."

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  • Welcome!

    Posted by Elizabeth Wood on 4/29/2013
    New website feature. Share your comments :)
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