Advice from the Class of 2022

  • Be yourself, others' perception of you tends to change your perception of yourself. You know who you are, do not let anyone change you. - Breanna Adams

    Do your work and don't fall behind or goof off. Also, fill out college applications ahead of time. - Caitlyn Allen

    Just do the work. - Xavier Allison

    students in library

    Do your homework but have fun. The bathroom downstairs across from Mrs. Bush's room is great for meltdowns. - Rukey Gardner

    Don’t pull out in front of people in your rush to leave the school parking lot. - Grady Campbell

    Get the work done and don’t put it off till the last minute because “you don’t want to do it.” It’ll maybe make your high school career much easier and more enjoyable. - Kaleigh Cook

    Make the most of it. - Tucker Gerych

    Don't let work go till the last minute, that's how you fail. - Elaina Kent


    It's possible to get good grades while not getting stressed out about assignments. Make sure you accomplish what you love and not what the school system tries to get you to love. - Brice Linton

    Do good. - Tyler  Matthew 

    Have fun, don’t work too hard. Still live your teenage years while you can. - Ashton McMahon

  • Work ethic is the best trait to have. - Edward Mendoker

    Work hard. - Laura Morera

    Don’t give up even if you feel that you're never going to go anywhere in life. I promise you it’ll get better. - Alexys Morthrup 

    Do good. - Sam Patterson

    You’re so close to the finish line of what’s called school, try not to give up. Don’t push yourself, however to meet others' standards. - Olivia Reisen

    Be smart. - Ethan Smalt

    Do homework. - Brecken Smith

    Don’t get behind on any work and it’ll be an easy pass to graduating. - Ryan Stanford

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    Enjoy every minute of it. It'll be over before you know it. - Riley Stowe

    Always work hard and put forth the effort. - Rachel Stratton 

    If I could go back, I would definitely show up to class a little more and do my homework. - Myah Vanorder

    Don't put homework off for later. - Haley Vosburg

    Don’t let people get to you, they're just jealous of your success. - Dom Wakefield

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