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    Friday, January 28, 2022

    Dates to Remember

    • Monday, January 31 - Superintendent Conference Day
    • Friday, February 4 - Report Cards go Home
    • Friday, February 11 - Parent-Teacher Conferences - 11:45 Dismissal

    Terrific Tigers

    Congratulations to the varsity boys basketball team on earning the #1 seed for the upcoming County Tournament!

    Rapid COVID 19 Tests Available

    Parents may continue to request antigen rapid tests for every member of their household by clicking on the link Here.  Once you have signed up using the form found at the link provided, we will make sure you get the tests in the manner indicated on your request.

    A Message from Mrs. Buisch

    When we teach Self Control the second core ability it strengthens is Self Management and children’s abilities to manage their emotions.  Today’s children are faced with many challenges that we, as adults, never had to think about.  This has increased levels of anxiety in our children; however coping skills have not increased with the same trajectory.  

    Coping skills are key in helping our children feel in control and accomplished in facing the world today.  Here are some strategies to help children in finding this control:(Borba, Chapter 3, pg. 121)

    • Assess Stress - teaching children to listen to their body can help them learn to catch clues they are getting when they become angry/frustrated/anxious, etc
      • Recognize body signals such as clenched fists, fast breathing, quickly beating heart, red face
      • Identify triggers - identify that ”pushes their buttons” and what “bugs” them
      • Think about the size of the problem - help your child match their reaction with the size of the problem
      • Calm down with strategies - slow deep breaths can help your child feel more in control - teach them to breathe in through their nose and very slowly out through their mouths. Even young children can be taught to deep breathe. 
    • Talk Positively to yourself - when we use positive self-talk it can help through difficult situations.  There really is something to the saying. “I think I can, I think I can.”

    Challenge of the week:  Try to be proactive in catching your child before they “meltdown.”  Give them a quick lesson in breathing and counting to ten.  Tune them into how their body changes when they become angry or anxious.   

    Teaching Belly Breathing

    "Just Breathe" by Julie Bayer Salzman & Josh Salzman (Wavecrest Films)

    After-School Program

    A HUGE thank you to our students and families for transitioning to these new processes for signing up for the After-School Program. These minor inconveniences for you have led to vast improvements for our in-house communications. These sign-ups allow us to more accurately prepare for each day, and so we thank you for making these adjustments.

    CLICK HERE to sign up for February's enrichment activities.

    CLICK HERE to sign up for The Commons for next week.

    There are capacity limits on some of February's enrichment activities. If an activity has reached its capacity, the option will no longer be available; please select another activity. Lastly, please only sign up for the activity if it aligns with your (or your child's) grade level; if the activity is only offered for 3rd grade, and your child is in 1st, please don't sign them up. Likewise, if the activity is for 10-12th graders, and you're in 8th grade, please don't sign up. Doing so takes that spot away from someone else.

    If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to the Director of Special Programs, Cody Delles, at cdelles@avocacsd.org.

    * Students using the Late Bus at 5PM will be dropped between 5:05-6:15 PM. K-2 parents need to be visible at drop-off.

    No School

    Monday, January 31 - Conference Day. 

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