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    Friday, January 21, 2022


    Dates to Remember

    • Friday, January 28 - End of Marking Period 2
    • Monday, January 31 - Superintendent Conference Day


    Terrific Tigers

    • Congratulations to the January 2022 Wildwood Student of the Month Grady Campbell-CISCO Networking Academy


    A Message from Mrs. Buisch

    Since Self Control is so important, let’s discuss some easy ways to teach and foster it!  Self-control is very teachable and includes three core abilities, which include: attentive focus, self-management, and healthy decision making. (Borba, Chapter 3, page 115)  

    This week we will focus on attention.  This ability is a key to self-control and success.  Attention directly impacts skills such as task completion, memory, comprehension, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, learning, mental health, and empathy. (Borba, CHapter 3, Page 115)

    Here are three easy ideas to help your child increase their attention.  

    1. Reduce things that rob your child of their attention.  This list includes: 

    F - Food - anything with caffeine or high sugar content

    O - Overscheduling - avoid overscheduling too many activities that  pull your child’s attention in multiple directions

    C - Computers/screens - turn off screens at least 30 minutes before bed

    U - Unrealistic Expectations - Hold children to expectations to those just above their current performance level for optimal attention

    S - Sleep Deprivation - Stick to sleep routines and ensure your child is getting enough hours each night

    2. Increase your child’s “wait” time: slowly increase the amount of time you expect your child to wait for an activity or toy.  Teach them waiting strategies such as: waiting until a timer rings, counting to a designated number/singing a song/saying a phrase/reading three pages before being allowed to start

    3. Play “waiting” games: Games such as Simon Says or Red Light/Green Light/Mother May I?/Freeze Tag help children learn self-control

    Challenge of the week: Observe your child’s ability to wait and attend.  Practice stretching their need for instant gratification and attention with a game or other strategy. 

    Marshmallow Test || Walter Mischel || Stanford University || Instant Gratification


    After School Program

    Families: Thank you for your flexibility and patience with the transition we made this week in regards to the After School Program. We've got a little ways to go, but the strides we made this week have already been beneficial and helped our district-wide communications greatly, so thank you!

    As we move on, please plan to sign your child (K-6) up for The Commons after school next week using this Google Form (CLICK HERE). Students in grades 7-12 can complete this form for themselves. Students NOT signed up will not be able to stay after in The Commons.

    Please also sign your child (K-6) up for the month's scheduled enrichment activities using this Google Form (CLICK HERE). Students in grades 7-12 can also complete this form for themselves. Depending on the capacity for any given activity, students NOT signed up ahead of time may not be able to participate.

    * Students staying after in The Commons and utilizing the Late Bus will be dropped off between 5:05-6:15 PM. Parents of K-2 students need to be visible at drop-off.

    Reach out to our Director of Special Programs, Mr. Cody Delles, at (607) 566-2221 (*1161) or cdelles@avocacsd.org with any questions you have!


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    Rapid COVID 19 Tests Available

    Parents who have not yet requested a box of antigen rapid tests for their children may still do so using the link Here.  Once you have signed up using the form found at the link provided, we will make sure you get the tests in the manner indicated on your request. 


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