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    Friday, January 7, 2022


    Dates to Remember

    • Monday, January 10 - ASVAB Interpretation
    • Monday, January 17 - School Closed, Martin Luther King Jr. Day
    • Friday, January 28 - End of Marking Period 2
    • Monday, January 31 - Superintendent Conference Day

    Terrific Tigers

    • Congratulations to the winners of the Avoca Central School Robotics Teams!
      • Winners of the Your Step-Sister challenge:
        • 1st Place : Devin Stamets/Evan Obrochta
        • 2nd Place : Zach Heale/Chase Mummey
        • 3rd Place : Isaac Strauss/Quinn Royce
      • Winners of the Dance challenge:
        • 1st Place : Kaydin Johnson/Zach Heale/Preston Baker
        • 2nd Place : Alexis Fox/Sara Stratton/Hayden Hubbard
        • 3rd Place : Bennett Gardner/Michael Westbrook/Conner Wakefield 

    Thank You

    Dear Avoca families and community members, 

    It has been a pleasure serving as the Middle/High School Principal for the past three and a half years. I have enjoyed working and learning alongside the students, families, teachers and staff. I have accepted a new position in the Rochester City School District, and will be leaving Avoca next Friday, January 14th. Mr. Michael Wright, an Avoca alumnus, will serve as the interim Middle/High School principal until a permanent replacement is selected. I will miss working with the Avoca community and wish you all the very best for continued success! 

    With Gratitude, 

    Dr. Denaker

    After School Program

    Families: Thank you for your flexibility and patience with the transition we made this week in regards to the After School Program. We've got a little ways to go, but the strides we made this week have already been beneficial and helped our district-wide communications greatly, so thank you!

    As we move on, please plan to sign your child (K-6) up for The Commons after school next week using this Google Form (CLICK HERE). Students in grades 7-12 can complete this form for themselves. Students NOT signed up will not be able to stay after in The Commons.

    Please also sign your child (K-6) up for the month's scheduled enrichment activities using this Google Form (CLICK HERE). Students in grades 7-12 can also complete this form for themselves. Depending on the capacity for any given activity, students NOT signed up ahead of time may not be able to participate.

    Reach out to our Director of Special Programs, Mr. Cody Delles, at (607) 566-2221 (*1161) or cdelles@avocacsd.org with any questions you have!

    Quarantine Questions

    Students and families, please read the below information about academics work as it relates to student quarantines. 

    • What To Do If I Am Quarantined?
      If you are quarantined, and are unable to come to school for Test-To-Stay, please do your absolute best to keep up with your academic obligations in your classes. 
      • First, please send an email to all of your teachers, letting them know the dates you will not be in school. 
      • Next, please check your GoogleClassroom regularly, and ensure that your work is being completed in a timely manner. 
      • Your teachers may ask you to connect to participate in a lab or lesson. If your teacher asks you to join a GoogleMeet during class to observe a lesson, please ensure your chromebook is charged and ready to connect for the duration of your class. 
    • How Much Time Do I Have to Catch-Up?
      You have one day to make-up any missing work for each day you are absent. For example, if you are quarantined for four school days, you will have the next four school days for all of your work to be caught up. If you are able to keep up on your work while you are out, that will be much easier when you return. 

    A Message from Mrs. Buisch

    As we move forward on our journey to create Thrivers, Self Control is the next character trait to focus on in this new calendar year. According to Merriam-Webster, self control is restraint exercised over one's own impulses, emotions, or desires. When we really consider all that is being considered in this definition, it is easy to understand why children have such a difficult time with this.  Borba references Mrazek, et al when she reports that the ability to control your attention, emotions, thoughts, actions and desires is one of the most highly correlated strengths to success. Twice as important as intelligence.  (Borba, Chapter 3, page 107 and 108)

    The ability to wait, be patient and delay gratification are all ways to show self control.  The correlation between self control early in life and success later in life is very high.  “Good things come to those who wait” and “Patience is a virtue” are common adages we have all heard.  

    Without self control, children (and adults also) can feel overwhelmed, helpless, stressed and depressed.  Therefore you can see the importance of teaching this skill early on.  Challenge of the week: Catch yourself in situations where self control is needed. Reflect on your ability to control your own impulses.   

    Self-Control for Kids | Character Education

    Upcoming Career Panels

    • Thursday, January 13 @12:00 - Water Protection Careers

    Quarantine Information

    The following numbers show how many students & staff are in quarantine at this time.  A person may be in quarantine for any of the following reasons:

    The person has exhibited symptoms related to Covid-19 and are awaiting the results of a test.

    • The person has been deemed to be a close contact to a person who tested positive.
    • The person has tested positive for Covid-19.

    Current Quarantine Totals as of 7:30am on 01/07/2022:

    • Students -  24*
    • Staff -  5*

    *Quarantines are not necessarily due to school related exposures. Students that choose the "Test to Stay" program at school are still included in the total Quarantine number posted. 

    The full New York State COVID-19 Report Card can be found at this link.

    "In the Know" Resource

    Check out the latest issue of "In The Know," for information about updated drug use numbers, counterfeit pills, and more. This resource is provided by the Steuben/Livingston Catholic Charities. Read it all at this link.

    Athletic Newsletter

    Read the latest issue of teAming uP here.

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