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    Friday, October 15, 2021


    Dates to Remember

    • Tuesday, October 19th - School Photo Retake Day
    • Friday, October 22nd - American Red Cross Blood Drive
    • Thursday, October 28th - SAT (Correction from Printed Calendar)

    Terrific Tigers

    • Congratulations to the newly inducted National Junior Honor Society Members: Mia Hughes, Gracie Boccia, Devin Stamets, Zachary Heale
    • Congratulations to the newly inducted National Honor Society Members: Kaylen Julien, Lydia Beecher, Dominic Barros-Clymo, Olivia Kilmer


    All seniors are invited to take the SAT assessment on Thursday, October 28th. The optional exam costs $55, and you must sign up by 3pm on Thursday, October 28th. Students must be in the testing room by 8:00am on the 28th. Students should have a graphing calculator and #2 pencils. The purpose of the SAT is to measure a high school student's readiness for college, and provide colleges with one common data point that can be used to compare all applicants. College admissions officers will review standardized test scores alongside your high school GPA, the classes you took in high school, letters of recommendation from teachers or mentors, extracurricular activities, admissions interviews, and personal essays. How important SAT scores are in the college application process varies from school to school. Seniors can download a registration form here.

    Blood Drive 

    Avoca Student Council is hosting a Fall Blood Drive with the American Red Cross on Friday, October 22nd from 10am-3pm. Students can make their appointment during lunch or see Mrs. Gardner for the form. Anyone over 16 can give blood. (Students age 16 must have parental permission.) The community can call 1-800-RedCross or go online to redcrossblood.org to make an appointment. Please consider giving the gift of life. 

    Picture Retake Day

    Picture Retake day is fast approaching. If you were absent or would like new pictures taken, please find time on Tuesday, October 19th, to come down to the Auditorium Lobby and get your picture taken. The photographer will be ready starting at 7:30 and will be available to take pictures until 3:30pm. Please make sure to find time during the day to come down and smile!

    A Message from Mrs. Buisch

    The first Character Trait we will focus on is Self Confidence.  Self confidence comes from a child (or anyone) being able to honestly answer the question, “Who am I?”  Knowing your strengths, appreciating your own uniqueness and talents, allows anyone to create a positive sense of identity.  Better academic performance, more resilience, a greater sense of wellbeing and overall happiness - these are all direct results of having self confidence and a strong understanding of who we are.    

    So how can parents help their children boost their self confidence?  First, be in tune to your child’s strengths.  What are the things you observe that make them happy?  Promote activities that can enhance those strengths.  As much as we would like for it to be, our children will not be good at everything.  Think about how your child’s strengths can actually be an asset to their weaker areas.  For example, if your child struggles with memorizing facts, but excels at music, practicing facts they need to know in a song format may not only make studying more enjoyable but also may help the facts to stay in their long term memory.  Challenge for the week:  Think about each of your children - list two strengths they possess and think about what opportunities you give them to enhance those strengths.


    Upcoming College and Military Visits

    • Tuesday, October 26th @ 10:30am - University of Pittsburgh at Bradford
    • Friday, October 29th @ 9:00am - Mansfield University


    Quarantine Information

    The following numbers show how many students & staff are in quarantine at this time.  A person may be in quarantine for any of the following reasons:

    The person has exhibited symptoms related to Covid-19 and are awaiting the results of a test.

    • The person has been deemed to be a close contact to a person who tested positive.
    • The person has tested positive for Covid-19.

    Current Quarantine Totals as of 7:30am on 10/08/21:

    • Students - 20*
    • Staff - 0*

    *Quarantines are not necessarily due to school related exposures.

    The full New York State COVID-19 Report Card can be found at this link.

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