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    Friday, May 8, 2020

    Dates to Remember

    • Thursday, May 28, 11:00am-5:00pm - Material Pick Up Round 4

    Terrific Tigers

    Marking Period 4 Grades

    For the fourth marking period, students will be assessed on a 1,2,3 scale. This is true for both their overall fourth marking period grade, as well as assignment grades. The scale is as follows:

    • 1 - Not meeting standards/failing
    • 2 - meeting standards
    • 3 - exceeding standards/excellence.

    ACE (college-credit) courses will continue to receive a numeric grade. Students are expected to continue with their at-home learning, and keep up with their assigned coursework. 

    Budget Vote

    This year’s school budget vote and board of education election will take place on June 9, exclusively by absentee ballot due to the COVID-19 public health crisis. If you are not a registered voter and would like to receive an absentee ballot contact Rosalie Smith at 607-566-3000 or email rsmith@avocacsd.org.

    Following budget adoption, the district will make the proposed budget available to the public, hold a remote budget hearing on May 27, and mail a budget notice to all residents after the hearing. This procedure is no different than other years except for the hearing being held remotely.
    Board of Education Election
    The minimum signature threshold for the board of education candidates has been waived, and candidates must meet all of the other requirements to run for the board. These include being qualified voters and having lived in the district continuously for one year prior to the election. If you are interested in running for the Board of Education, please contact Rosalie Smith at 607-566-3000 or email rsmith@avocacsd.org by 5:00pm on Monday, May 11. For additional information click here to visit our website.

    Material Distribution Round 4

    Our next round of material distribution will be Thursday, May 28th from 11:00am-5:00pm on the bus loop side of the building. These materials address Monday, June 1st through the end of the year.


    As of now, we hope to hold our graduation ceremony the weekend of June 26th. We have been making contingency plans as well, in the event that an in-person ceremony is not allowed. School leadership, class advisors and class officers have been collaborating about recognizing the senior class. The Class of 2020 will be celebrated. More details will follow as the date approaches and more information is provided to the schools.

    No Driver Education This Summer

    There will be no driver education offered for this summer through our Regional Summer School.  

    Technology Support

    We have had some concerns from students about technology while at-home learning. Now, a designated email address has been set-up for contact about technology issues. Students who are experiencing technology-related issues can now email studenttechsupport@avocacsd.org

    Using a Chromebook without Internet

    It is possible to complete work on the Chromebook without internet access, and then upload documents once you are back online. Directions for using the Chromebook in "Offline Mode" can be found here.

    Contacting Teachers

    Teacher Office hours can be found here. To contact teachers, use the links below:

    Contacting the School

    If you need to contact the school during the extended dismissal, please email leadership@avocacsd.org or call 607-566-2221 *1125. 

    Internet Access Points

    • School Parking Lots (No password is needed.)
    • Howard Fire Hall (Access codes are displayed in the window.)
    • Avoca Free Library (Access codes are displayed in the window.)

    NYS Helpline

    If you are overwhelmed right now, the NYS Office of Mental Health has a COVID-19 Emotional Support Line staffed by specially trained people who can help. The number to call is 1-844-863-9314

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