College & Career Readiness

What Courses Should I Take in High School?

  • Although there are many required courses in high school, you also have the opportunity to select some elective courses that align with your areas of interest. When selecting these elective courses, you should keep in mind that this is also an opportunity to explore subjects that could help you with your post-secondary plans and career goals. 


    Are you interested in becoming a cook/chef? 

    While we do not offer any culinary specific courses here at Avoca, BOCES offers an excellent Culinary Arts program.  If you see yourself owning your own restaurant or bakery, courses in the area of business can also help get you ready for the challenge. Since small business owners frequently use computers to track various aspects of their business, a course such as ACE Microcomputer Applications helps insure you have the skills needed for this task. ACE Accounting helps you develop the skills needed for the financial side of your business. How about Web Page Design to help you develop the skills needed to create that perfect website for your future deli?  After high school, you will have the option of refining your skills on the job or by attending a culinary arts program in college.


    Are you interested in working with computers or video games? 

    Depending on what your specific interests are, there are many options. If you are interested in computer programming, you will want to take as many math courses as you can possibly take.  Believe it or not, art courses are very important for anyone hoping to design video games or work on the graphical aspects of user interface (UI) design. For those individuals who are more interested in building computers and/or the physical aspects of computer networking, BOCES CISCO Academy is a great choice.  After high school, you will most likely need to attend either a 2-year or a 4-year program aligned with your specific area of interest. 


     Are you interested in the healthcare field?

    For anyone considering medical school or a registered nurse (RN) program, you will want to take as many advanced science courses as possible. Chemistry and ACE Biology are two courses that will help you get prepared for your future. BOCES offers a Health Occupations program that will prepare you to earn your NYS Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) license. Almost all jobs in this area will require you to attend some training after high school and many will require you to earn a college degree.  



Last Modified on January 4, 2017