SAT Information

    The SAT is the most widely used college admission test.  It is what most colleges use to get to know you better, heping them understand how you think, solve problems and communicate.
    Why take the SAT?  The SAT is an important step on the path to college.  It's accepted by colleges and universities throughout the country, and some even use it to place you out of certain classes.
    - It helps you with college planning.  The SAT connects you to free college planning resources, where you can learn more about the application process, access financial tools, explore majors, and more.
    - It gives you an equal chance.  The SAT was created to help promote equality in college admission.  It still does so today.  The SAT is the most rigorously researched and designed test in the world, which ensures that students from all backgrounds have an equal chance.
    When to take the SAT?  Most students take the SAT during the spring of their Junior year of high school.  Many students choose to take the SAT a second time in the fall of their senior year.
    To access resources, build your own study plan and much more, visit:  www.sat.collegeboard.org/practice 
    SAT Registration is online and QUICK!      www.sat.collegeboard.org
    "This is your SAT: Reach for College Success."  Collegeboard. 7 November 2011 Web.


Last Modified on March 30, 2012