• Scholarships

    Scholarship Searches should always be free.  Most sites or groups that charge you to help you find scholarships are a scam.  Some free sites that you may want to explore include:

    You should also check the website of the college that you planning to attend as they may have scholarships available.
    Financial Aid AssistanceMoney
    Two sites every college bound studend and parent must visit 


    • Apply for a PIN in order to submit the Free Application for Federal Assistance (FAFSA)
    • Both student and parent will need to apply for a PIN
    • After receiving PIN, apply for federal aid 


    • After submitting FAFSA, you are able to link to the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) site
    • Students planning to attend a New York State College should apply for TAP


           Financial Aid can be confusing. Please visit these helpful sites.

    ·         www.finaid.com

Last Modified on January 27, 2016