• The College Application Process


                            What to do and How to do it.
                            Avoca C.E.E.B. CODE: 330275

    1.  Obtain applications.

    Write or phone colleges or check Avoca's Student Service Office.

    2.  Complete applications.

    Very neatly print or type your name and all other information.  Include your Social Security number.  Keep a photocopy of the application for your records.


    3.  Attach a check or money order if an application fee is required.


    4.  AT LEAST TWO WEEKS BEFORE COLLEGE APPLICATION IS DUE, give your completed application(s) to your school counselor.  Each should be in a pre-addressed, stamped envelope. She will complete all the necessary information (transcript, recommendation, etc.) and send on.


    Make an appointment with Avoca's Student Service Office to go over your completed application.

    5.  Have two teacher recommendations sent to your college choices.


    Ask your teachers for recommendations and provide them with a pre-addressed, stamped envelope to the college(s).



    6.  Arrange to have your SAT and/or ACT scores sent to the college(s).

    This is done when you register for the SAT/ACT tests.  You can also obtain Score Report Request Forms from Avoca's Student Service Office.


    7.  Complete and mail your Financial Aid Forms. NOTE- The FAFSA form can not be mailed until AFTER January 1st.


    Obtain Financial Aid Forms from Avoca's Student Service Office.

    8.  Arrange to have your 1st semester grades sent to the college(s) if required.

    Make an appointment with Avoca’s Student Service Office.

    9.  Please wait patiently.  Colleges have different notification dates.

    Read a good book, or two, to take your mind off waiting!

Last Modified on November 22, 2011