Educational Opportunities

  • On Tuesday, March 17th families were invited to Avoca Central School to pick-up educational opportunity materials created by teachers for the extended dismissal. Teachers have created materials that will supplement the learning experience the students have already had in the classroom. Many teachers are also posting content on their Google Classroom pages. This is not new content, but a review of concepts and skills that have already been completed during the year. Accelerated College Education (ACE) Courses will continue with new learning during this extended dismissal.

    If you did not pick-up your materials yesterday, you may be able to get them at the Avoca Central School Cafeteria during the lunch pick up 11:00am-12:00pm. Please note, only the materials at the cafeteria are available for pick up. You may not go to a classroom or your locker for anything. We will reach out to families that did not gather materials at the start of next week (March 23-27).  

    Teachers in the Middle and High School have created "Office Hours" where they will be available for quick replies to emails or questions. Due to the varying technology abilities of our staff in their homes, this will range from emails, to video chat abilities. To see a list of all teacher office hours in the Middle/High School please click here

    Teachers have outlined in their cover letters the best way to reach them. Please check the letter and use the links below.

    Contact Teachers: